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Surrender a Cat

In order to apply to surrender a cat, you must be the rightful owner/guardian/caretaker of the cat and provide accurate information in regards to the cat to the best of your knowledge. We have limited admissions available for owner surrenders, but are more likely to accept the cat into our adoption program if you can continue to foster the cat while we get it up-to-date on vetting and market it for adoption. If you have multiple cats, please fill out a surrender request for each cat (only one form is needed for a mom with kittens). We do not accept stray cats, but if you have feral cats in your area, please see our TNR Assistance section.  A surrender fee is required at the time of relinquish:

*Intact (NOT spayed/neutered): $75
*Altered (spayed/neutered): $50
*Fully vetted (current on vaccines, spayed/neutered, Felv/FIV tested): $25
*Special needs (regardless if vetted) requiring prescription medication/food or routine vet visits: $75

We Love Feral Cats

TNR Assistance

If you have feral cats that need to be altered, we offer funding to have sterilization surgery performed. In order to qualify for assistance, you must:

*Be willing to trap the cat yourself (we offer guidance on the process and have traps available for loan upon request)

*Be able to drop off/pick up the cat at the designated surgery location

*Release the cat back into the area in which it was found and assume caretaker responsibility for the cat (in the event the location is not suitable/safe for the cat to return, we will not accept the cat into the program until another appropriate location for release can be found)

*In the event the cat is friendly and suitable for an indoor home, we may be able to accept the act into our adoption program 

This service is available on a very limited basis.

keep cats in their homes

Hardship Assistance

We want cats to stay with their families to avoid the stress and heartache that comes with relinquishing a pet. Depending on the situation, some assistance may be available for the following:

*Cat food and litter
*Spay/neuter surgery
*Medical emergencies
*Professional grooming services
*Short-term boarding/pet-sitting
*Transportation to/from vet

Once you submit an owner assistance application, we will work with our vet and pet store partners to provide lowered costs for families in need. The amount of assistance will vary and is meant to be provided as a temporary service.













Adoption Events

TBA - Adoption Event

All Day Coming soon to a local pet store near you!

TBA - Adoption Event

All Day Coming soon to a local pet store near you!