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How to Adopt

All of our available cats can be viewed below. We encourage potential adopters to read their descriptions thoroughly so they can determine if the cat will be a good fit for the household. Once you have selected a cat(s), please fill out the adoption application in its entirety. After your app has been processed, a FFCR Team Member will contact with any follow-up questions or to schedule a meet and greet. On adoption day, please bring a carrier, valid ID with current address and check/cash for the adoption fee.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the adoption fees?

*Kittens (under 12 months) – $150.00

*Adults – $125.00

*Seniors (10+ years) – $90.00

*Purebreds and Siamese mixes (regardless of age) – $175.00

Currently, only cash, check or Zelle is accepted.

What does the fee include?

*FVRCP vaccine (Feline Distemper)
*Rabies vaccine
*Feline Leukemia/FIV test
*Internal parasite + flea treatment (if/as needed)

What are the requirements to adopt?

To be considered for adoption, you must:

*Be 21 years or older
*Live locally (within a 1.5 hour drive of the Chicagoland suburbs)
*Have a valid license/ID with your current address
*Submit an adoption application
*Be head of household (or have head of household present at adoption)
*Have all family members/roommates aware and in favor of adoption
*Renters are required to provide valid contact info for landlord/management company & have copy of lease clause regarding pet policies

What to expect when taking your cat home

Cats don’t always enjoy change, so your new cat should have its own separate area to make the transition into a new environment less stressful. For homes with current pets, we recommend a minimum of a 2 week separation, and a 1 week minimum if your cat is an only pet. This is in your cat’s best interest so they are not overwhelmed or overstimulated by having access to too large of an area at once. During this transition period, we encourage you to spend as much time with them as possible and be sure to provide lots of positive interaction (treats, canned food, toys, catnip, petting, brushing). If your new cat is hiding for a few days (or weeks), don’t rush the process – never forcibly remove them from their hiding area or allow other animals or children to invade their space before they are comfortable.

what are the adoption policies?

Your FFCR adoption counselor will go over all policies and requirements in the contract during the adoption meeting, but here is brief list:

*Owner must have the time, finances and resources to properly care for the cat

*No declawing allowed

*Indoor only homes

*No medical reimbursement after adoption

*Cat must be returned to FFCR if owner can no longer keep (may NOT be rehomed to friends/family)

*Adoption fee is non-refundable

*For kittens under 6 months, we require them to be adopted into a household with another friendly feline, or adopted with a buddy (**if a particular kitten is excluded from this rule, it will be noted in their profile**)


Think it Over

Before you commit to the 15-20 year responsibility of cat ownership, read some helpful tips from American Humane below:

Be Prepared

Adopting a cat is exciting! But don’t forget about all the essentials your new kitty will need to feel at home.