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More than just adoptions

Our History

Feline Fine Cat Rescue was founded in 2020 by a group of feline enthusiasts who wanted to do more than just save cats. We aspired to be a resource for all cat lovers.

Our board members each have over 20 years of cat care experience. Our focus is to maintain an ethical, compassionate and financially-responsible organization that treats each rescued cat as an individual – not a number.

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Adoptions and Beyond

While our mission will always revolve heavily on rescuing cats from homelessness and euthanasia, we also want to have a presence in TNR efforts, assist current cat owners who face hardships, educate the public regarding cat care and promote the benefits of spay/neuter surgery to our communities.




Save a Life

Why Adopt?

Double the impact

When you adopt a cat, you not only save its life, but also the life of a second cat who will be able to enter our adoption program to fill the vacancy.

good for the body, mind and soul

We don’t often adopt a cat specifically for the benefits they offer us health-wise, but it sure is a nice bonus. Studies have found that cats reduce stress, anxiety and depression, improve cardiovascular health and boost immune systems in children. They can serve as excellent therapy and emotional support animals, all while being very low maintenance.

pest control

Cats are renown hunters, and even though adopted kitties should be staying indoors, their instincts make them fantastic bug catchers. They’ll rid your house of everything from flies to moths to spiders (and even a poor unsuspecting mouse if one happens to find its way inside). Keep in mind, not all cats will want to participate in exterminator duties, but many cats enjoy this task.

best roommates ever

Cats provide excellent company and companionship without asking for too much in return. Aside from rowdy kittens, most cats are well-mannered, quiet and easy to care for. They are also a great pet to teach young children responsible pet ownership.


Our Board

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