2-3 years old


Maine Coon/DLH

* Cat-friendly

* Social/outgoing

* Vocal

* Enjoys being petted

* Enjoys being held

* Lap cat

* Couch buddy

* Seeks attention/follows you around

From scaredy feral to lovey-dovey lap cat extraordinaire!

Handsome Athens is a Maine Coon/DLH mix (approx 2-3 years old) who took a few months to realize being a housecat is WAY better than living on the streets. Now that this guy has acclimated to humans, he is a social butterfly who wants to be around you SO badly, that you’ll likely trip as he weaves between your legs constantly. Athens is a bit shy at first, so he will definitely need a few days/weeks to decompress in his new home, but once he settles in, you won’t be able to sit down without him promptly hopping up on your lap and snuggling into your neck. He also LOVES other cats and can also be found rubbing against them the same way he does to his people. Athens came to us fairly matted, so he’s currently rocking a dapper “lion cut” hairdo. As his coat grows out, he will need to be brushed regularly to avoid future matting, but don’t worry – he LOVES being brushed and it’s a great opportunity to bond with him.
As he is fairly spooked by lots of noise and activity, we would recommend a household without young children and NO dogs.